Small and Decentralised sewage treatment systems

In Regional Victoria and NSW For Earth have been successful in upgrading sewage pond systems at substantially reduced capital costs than conventional upgrades.

The sites have been in operation for a number of years and performance data has been collected to allow us to model and design systems.

We have installed into overloaded sewage pond systems our floating diffused aeration and bacteria dosing system at various sites to significantly improve nitrification and sludge reduction. This has enabled clients a significant capital saving as opposed to building a treatment plant prior to the sewage pond.

For Earth Three tank Bioreactor.

For Earth have developed a three tank in series bioreactor wastewater treatment system (secondary treatment). Each tank has aerobic and anaerobic zones.  The system is very suitable to small towns <1000 population, resorts, food processors, leachate treatment, national parks, effluent from saleyard truck wash etc.

We are currently looking at the system being used as a pre-treatment system in the sewerage reticulation system to reduce loads on sewage treatment plants and reduce odours at pump stations.

The system can be installed in above ground poly or concrete tanks or below ground tanks. There is minimum odour, noise and little maintenance plus visually appealing.

The system can be installed permanent or set up to be relocated at a later date.

See our projects page for sample projects.