Bioremediation is a branch of biotechnology which deals with the use of living organisms such as microbes and bacteria to remove contaminants, pollutants and toxins from soil and water. It can be used to clean up environmental problems like an oil spill or contaminated groundwater.

For Earth Bacteria products contain specific bacteria to breakdown carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils and grease which are typical substrates entering Sewage Treatment plants.

We also have a biological product that breaks down hydrocarbs and can be applied to soils and water bodies.

Our products come in liquid form and have a minimum 2 year shelf life.

Products Description
For Earth Bio® For residential or industrial wastewater treatment systems
For Earth Bio Plus ® For pumping stations and high FOG's content wastewater
For Earth Hydro Carb ® For diesel and oil contaminated soils and water body

The above biological products are used across various activated sludge sewage treatment process, wastewater treatment ponds, Landfill Leachate dams and intensive animal farm effluent ponds.